The Worlds Best Food Photographer – Anders Schønnemann

My Favourite Food Photographer – Anders Schønnemann

When it comes to all things food, why is it that Scandinavians seem to be able do everything better then the rest of the world. Up until 10 years ago most people in the UK associated Scandinavian food with meatballs and hot dogs, but processed meatballs have become a thing of the past (unless you’re buying a new bed or sofa) thanks to brilliant chefs like Magnus Nillson and the godly René Redzepi. And this new found domination of the culinary world doesn’t just stretch to cooking, both Denmark and Sweden seem to be regularly producing the best food photographers too.
Food Photography

ANDERS-SCHØNNEMANN-Food-Photography-2 Anders Schonnemann Studio Food Photography

Food Photography
I’d like to think Anders Schønnemann is better then me because of the abundance of natural light the Scandinavians get but this is not true, partly because Denmark doesn’t actually get that much more natural light then London, but mostly because if you put Anders Schønnemann in a pitch black room with just a white plate and a Mr Kipling backwell tart he would still produce a stunning image.
Food Photography


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