Gemma Tickle

Gemma is a London based set designer who in the words of her agents East Photographic creates playfully sophisticated work that evokes narrative through colour, shape and form. Gemma graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Graphic Design and after learning her trade assisting Rachel Thomas setup her own studio in Dalston where she has since completed commissions for the likes of Elle, Wonderland and Nike.




Despite doing little to no work within food photography I find set designer Gemma Tickles work to be very inspiring. Her sets are extraordinarily simple and demonstrate a confidence in minimalism that I have great envy for.




Known for her playful and vivid props Gemma sites that a significant source of inspiration is pop culture, stating in an interview with Crack Magazine


‘We probably overuse the word ‘pop’ but I think it’s really important to what I do. I’ve always been interested in glossy/surface sheen, guys like Jeff Koons especially. We both use a pop colour palette in our work, which I think works nicely with a minimalism and aesthetic austerity.’


It this aesthetic austerity that gives her work such sophistication. Shot by Thomas Brown, Gemma Tickle designed 26 sets for a District MTV Advent Calendar. Each image had a very distinct Tickle style and a unique  vivid colour yet each one poured emphasis onto its given subject.