Food Photography Lighting Tutorials

Understanding how light effects you image is perhaps the most important things to know in food photography. Below are three food photography tutorial videos I found that aspiring food photographers may find helpful.


Robb Grimm on Natural Light

American food, drink and product photographer Robb Grimm provides a 10 minute lesson on daylight, using shadows and diffusing light for food photography.


William Brinson and Constant Light

William Brinson, another American food photographer, discusses using constant light in his food photographer as he reveals the ideas, methods and process for his pursuit of alluring, emotional light and tasty food.

William and his partner Susan are a photography team based in New York. Since high School, they have worked together forming one of the best design-photography duo. After moving to NYC and each pursuing individual careers, a natural evolution occurred and they began collaborating and creating as a team. Now, both behind the camera, they photography for clients like Chipotle, New York Times Magazine and Real Simple.


Andrew Scrivani on the three elements of photography lighting

Andrew Scrivani, a food photographer who has shot over 10 cookbooks, offers instructional talk about using all three light forms – flash, constant and natural light – to attaiin the perfect food photography images both on location and in the studio